1978 Winning JMC Team

We went on to win won the JMC in 1977 (a tie), 1978, 1979, and 1981. In 1980 we won the Euclid contest. All these teams had members who were at that inspirational party in the spring of 1976! The picture here was the front cover of a school magazine known as Focus. It shows the winning team for 1978. Clockwise from the top left the winners are Maurice Arpin, Christopher Thompson, Iain Luke, Richard Linhart and Julian Betts. Iain Luke was a very young Grade 9 at the time, only 12 years old.

We found we were less competitive when the contest split into separate papers for each Grade. We were a small school with less than 50 students per grade. To win one of the contests we needed to have three very high scores in a single grade. That was hard to do in a small school, although we did it a few times in the years that followed. It was much easier to win when we were looking at five high scores in the entire school. In the picture at the right, for example, we were able to win because 12 year old Iain Luke stepped in to fill the gap when our fifth highest Grade 11 score was not good enough!