Photo Stories

Each of the photos below is linked to a short story.

Double click on the photo thumbnail and you will be directed to the associated story written by John Barsby.

School in Tantallon, SK

My First Day of School

Room I

Room II

Dominion City School

Drinking Fountain

Basement of DCS

Science Lab

DCS Grad Class '63

Grade 12 School Photo

Viara McVicar

Gabe Girard

Snow Lake

My First Homeroom

Snow Lake Grads

Ray LeNeal

Gordon Bell
JMC Champs, 1972

Gordon Bell
JMC Champs, 1973

Gordon Bell, University Level Calculus in 1973

Gordon Bell, Reach for the Top

Gordon Bell, Advanced 8

SJR, 1976

Party at the Headmaster's House

1978 Winning JMC Team as shown in Focus Magazine

JMC National Team Champions 1979

SJR Euclid Champions 1982
shown with D. Johnson and J. Barsby

SJR Math Dept. in '70s

SJR Math Dept. 1990

Math Club, 1984- 85

My Last Gr 12 Advanced Math class at SJR

Ka Ping Yee

MB Math Contest Results 2004

Spring, 1988

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