DCS Grad Class of '63

Dominion City Graduation Classes, October 1963. The class looks quite large but it is actually two classes: the Grade Elevens who passed the exams for Junior Matriculation and the Grade Twelves who passed the exams for Senior Matriculation. Graduation was held in October since that was when all exam results had been received. The results from the June exams were mailed in the third week of July but students who failed had the opportunity to try again when the supplemental exams were held in late August. The results from the "supps" arrived in September. Junior Matriculants could either advance to Grade 12 or go to university as first year students. Senior Matriculants could go to university as second year students which is what I did. At the end of that year they did away with entrance from Grade 11. University years were renumbered so that the old first year (the equivalent of Grade 12) was eliminated and the old second year became first year. So after completing old second year in April 1964 I returned in September to take new Second Year. My transcript has many courses at the 200 level but none at the 100 level.

In the picture I am standing in the back row second from the right.