Drinking Fountain

This was the drinking fountain on the second floor of the Dominion City School. The janitor filled the tank with ice water every morning and emptied the slop pail whenever it was full. The ice was cut from the Roseau River in large blocks during the winter, and stored under sawdust in an ice house on the school grounds. In my Grade 5 year my class was in The Annex behind the main school and we did not have access to this drinking fountain. Instead we had a pail of ice water at the back of the room with a dipper. We each brought a cup from home with our name on it. Miss Jack, the teacher, watched carefully to make sure that nobody drank from the dipper! Most places in town had had running water for years, but the school board was not willing to pay the cost of having it in the school. There is a small section in my book called "Parsimony". In the era when there were hundreds of school boards, mostly managing one small school, the trustees were often reluctant to spend money on anything they did not see as absolutely necessary.