Gordon Bell Champs, University Level Calculus 1973

This was my very first university level calculus class, taught at Gordon Bell in 1973-74. Notice that the three students are exactly the ones who won the JMC in 1972. Bill managed to complete Math 100, 200 and 300 in his Grade 10 year. Edward and Rozalia did both Math 200 and 300 in their Grade 11 year. The University of Winnipeg allowed me to teach the course at Gordon Bell, but the students went to the university for tests and the final exam. It was a busy year for me since the course was not timetabled, but fortunately the students had some spares that overlapped with mine. (GB students in those days had a lot of spares. For an explanation see the Chapter called The Gordon Bell Experiment in my book.) They did very well. Bill wrote the only perfect paper among the hundreds of university students taking the course. He received the only A+ they gave that year. His high achievement meant that Rozalia and Edward had to settle for an A.

(I was quite good at begging for money in those days. I got the Winnipeg School division to pay their tuition fee for the course. But the next year, when I had a dozen students taking the course, they said "No.")