MB Math Contest Results 2004

For many years we did very well at the Manitoba level in all mathematics contests., occupying many of the top positions. This is just one example. It is the results of the Manitoba Grade 12 contest for 2004, my last year at SJR. We had three of the four prize winners and half of the Honourable Mentions.

Our strength in Mathematics was not just with the top students. Our pass rate on the provincial precalculus exam was usually close to 100%. Most of our Grade 12 class was taking more than just the standard precalculus course. All but a few also took Advanced Topics 45A, a half credit course that followed a provincial curriculum. A majority also did calculus. Those in the advanced class did U of M courses in Calculus and Linear Algebra. The others had a choice between taking A.P. Calculus which gave them a full credit, or taking Calculus 45A which paired nicely with the Advanced Topics 45A course for a full credit. When addressing a group of parents at Parents' Night I once said: "The SJR Math Department is proud of the achievements of our very best students, but we are even more proud of the large number of students who are interested in mathematics and do very well."