My Last Grade 12 Advanced Math Class

This was my last Grade 12 Advanced Math class at SJR. I taught them every year from Grade 8 to Grade 12. They graduated and I retired at the same time. That was June of 2004. I know some educators would disapprove of students having the same teacher year after year but it so efficient and leads to such a positive classroom rapport. Students looked forward to math class because it was a comfortable place where they were surrounded by good friends. When I was teaching them calculus and linear algebra I knew every student's strengths and weaknesses going back to Grade 8. Everyone in this class completed two first year university courses: Calculus I and Linear Algebra while still in high school. Five of them worked ahead of the others and also completed Calculus II. Will Guest (middle row, third from the left) completed those university courses by the end of Grade 11. In his Grade 12 year he did two second year courses -- number theory and combinatorics -- mentored through email by the professors who were teaching those courses at the university.