Spring, 1988

Here is a casual chat with two fine students: Henry Borger and Matthew Lawrence. This was taken in the spring of 1988. That was the last of the 13 years that I spent teaching in the downstairs classroom at the end of what was called Hamber Hall. The following year I was located on the second floor of the Moffat Richardson building in a much larger and better equipped classroom where I taught until retirement. The writing on the blackboard in this picture shows that I was teaching integration by inverse trig substitution. That was not on the U of M calculus course that these students studied. But the university exam was in April, and we had another five or six weeks of classes after that. I usually covered whatever topics were in AP Calculus that were not in the U of M course. Writing the AP exam in May was optional.

Henry and his future wife Anita Shiriff were in the same Advanced Math Class at SJR. Many years later, their daughter was also in the SJR Advanced Math Class. I wonder if there were any other examples of second generation students taking the class.